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# Posted: 12 Aug 2016 10:01

In the holy book of Islam, it is clearly and openly highlighted that morally upright and good actions of human beings are not same and unequal to wrong or bad actions or intentions. Moreover, it is also stated that one must face or oppose bad actions or unethical activities with decent and positive actions. Along with. Muslims must also emulate this moral value during Umrah and Hajj and now December Umrah Packages are announced.
A person, who forgives and ignores mistakes of his fellow beings, is equal to the rank and position of those people are pious and perform all religious duties and responsibilities. He will be rewarded with that blessings which are announced for other worshippers.
We must not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable and humbled to excuse and disremember misconducts of other members of society. Even, we must not chase the way of castigation and circumvent to feel pleasure. we must not turn out to be so proud of our influence or strength to fine other fellow beings.
It would be healthier for individuals that they must not be infuriated and mislay their temper quickly since of blunders of others and dissatisfactions of those over whom you rule. Therefore., when one person move towards holy places by availing offers regarding Umrah in December, he must display it with other fellow hajis.

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